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Would you like us to decorate the tables for your children's party?

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To add to your chosen theme we have three options:

Option 1 – R 40 per head
For R 40 per head, we will cover the chairs and tables in the theme colours. We suspend the birthday boy/girls name and age as a centrepiece on the table and bunches of balloons (also in the theme colours) on the table (see image gallery).
Option 2 – R 52 per head
Option 3 – R 56 per head

For R 490 we can also fully deck out the lapa, again in keeping with your theme. This includes suspending approximately 80 balloons on the overhanging beams and the outer perimeter, white linen tablecloths and coloured overlays on the adult tables. (we have a selection of colours for the balloons and overlays to enhance your theme.

For R 220 we provide an inhouse ‘happy birthday’ banner with theme colour drapping. 

For R 480, we create a personalised banner in keeping with your chosen theme, the birthday persons image, name and age and this is yours to take home.


  • Balloon Arch Large - R 1200
  • Balloon Arch Med - R 690
  • Balloon Banner Frame - R 590
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All in a personalised theme box with eg: "Happy 4th Birthday Taylor":

Standard – R 39 per pack
  • Cooldrink
  • Lollipop
  • Chips
  • 5 Chewy Marshmellow Sweets
  • 1 Mini Chocolate
  • 1 Toy
Exclusive – R 56 per pack

Should you want a helium balloon attached to the box add R 12

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If you're interested in beautifully designed party invitations please contact Kalikatkreations


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